Core Surgery Interview

Things To Do For A Successful Core Surgery Interview

The road to becoming a competent surgeon is filled with great challenges. Along with the many years you need to put into your training, you also need to pass the core surgery interview first and foremost.

Each year, thousands of applicants take the interview, but only hundreds get accepted for the surgical training post. Due to its highly competitive nature, those who wish to pursue a career in surgery need to prepare extremely well. And for this reason, applicants must undergo intensive training and preparation for their core surgery interview.

To get you started with your preparation and training, below are several things you must do to achieve the best results for the interview.

Keep a good portfolio

Many applicants overlook keeping a good portfolio as part of their application, but this is highly stressed in any core surgical interview guide. Most interviews beyond medical foundation applications will require you to bring a portfolio of your achievements to the interview. What to include and how to structure this is often provided on the organisation’s website

Prepare your portfolio as early as you can. As you write a list of your achievements, you will inevitably come across accomplishments for which you have no physical proof. Allowing yourself time to obtain/find certificates will save a lot of stress before the interview.

Interviewers may look at your portfolio before the interview, but you will also often have your folder in front of you in a portfolio station of the interview. As a result, keeping an organised portfolio and being able to flick quickly to the relevant page presents a good image to the interviewer. Many interviews also have a significant portion of marks available for how organised and aesthetic your portfolio is. Keeping it succinct and intuitively laid out, therefore, scores you points both directly and indirectly.

Have fun

Taking a CST interview can be stressful, but with the right approach and perspective, they can be meaningful and fun at the same time! Make sure you attend the most efficient core surgical training interview course to impress your interviewers. Remember that they could be your future colleagues and they want to see if you are someone they can enjoy working with. Even though the CST interview is meant to be taken as if it were a test, you should still find a way to let your interviewers think that you’re not only a professional but also a fun person as well.


It is important to treat the interview process as any other part of your application. You’ve worked hard for several years just to get the core surgical training job that you’ve been dreaming of; now is the time to go all out. Read everything you can find about the possible questions that may appear during the interview. Furthermore, read up on recent events relating to health care and health policy. You are not expected to be a health policy expert, but being able to have a conversation about your future profession is important.

Stay up to date

In medicine where research is everything, you need to be updated and familiar with as many new breakthroughs relevant to the field as you can. As a good prospective surgical trainee, you should always be up-to-date with all the current research and discoveries that pertain to the world of medicine. This can be achieved through reading medical journals and blogs or even talking to researchers and resident doctors you may meet while working or volunteering, or even as you undergo a core surgical training interview course.

This is a good way to impress your interviewer as they will take note of your ability to form personal opinions on relatively new pieces of information.

Research on interview feedback

One of the best ways to prepare for the interview is by asking for feedback from people who’ve had first-hand experience taking it. You can do this by talking to other medical students or doctors about how their interviews went so that you get a feel of what to expect when your day finally comes.

Websites contain a lot of information from seasoned experts. There are even online webinars and website that offer a free core surgical interview guide from which you can gather valuable advice and information, shared by highly-esteemed experts in the field.

These are just some of the things you need to do to achieve the best results from your core surgery interview. Your intensive preparation along with a positive mind set and commitment to succeed will help you achieve your goal of getting accepted for the surgical training post. By increasing the knowledge that you have regarding the field of surgery as well as your critical thinking skills when it comes to standard clinical practice, you become more confident and well-prepared to take the interview. Aside from your preparation, you also need to be in the best physical and emotional state when taking the test. That said, make sure that you take proper care of your body and keep in mind all the things mentioned above to ensure the best results on your interview!

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